Thursday, October 9, 2008

down by the water

flea market finds

I got a quite beauitful $2 lamp that does indeed work at this shanty of a flea market outside of the Brooklyn Lowe's. I think that doll is maybe one of the most discomforting I've seen. Perhaps it's the juxtaposition of the frightful doll and dirty china that is inevitably foreboding. Also, the tickets are from the Union Square Anthropologie and not from the Flea Market but they are no less worth a gander. 

the little apartment that could

Here are some more photos of the apartment at night and during the day. Also I have included a sampling of its lighting fixtures. My fireplace does not function but I am pretty excited to still have some exposed brick -- perhaps my favorite East Coast interior charm. While I don't have access to the garden area it is directly beneath me and the greenery is visible from inside. To the bottom left friends you will notice some sprawling hydrangeas which may look shriveled now due to the colder temperatures but come spring they will be glorious. Growing up my mom used to cut blue hydrangeas from the bush around our porch and put them beside my bed in Pewter pitchers. They have become a comfort and a favorite. For those who may not know, the color of a hydrangea is dependent on the soil. You can truly transform a pink bush to a blue one just by pouring acid into the soil...That's about all I know about botany. Oh and yes my apartment is still rather empty and shall be for some time but I am happy to disclose that I have a desk. I'm still working on the chair...