Thursday, February 26, 2009

over the anvil we stretch

My friend Anis Mojgani is an amazing poet.

I've always known this. I'm just now trying to get used to him being famous. I went searching for the link to suggest at the end of this blog that you buy a book and realized his books are available at most major retailers. The last time I saw him in a show he was rushed on the way out by fans. It was both great and annoying as there was a meal to be had and I get a little hypoglycemic.

He is five stars on your homework amazing and after I described my top secret book to him he said via g-chat:

when you win the national book award will you still talk to me?
are you kidding me?
you already have a wikipedia page
everyone has a wikipedia page these days waid

Well I still don't.

My favorite poem is:

"It's too quiet in the south tonight
tonight the grass makes the rules"

there is a brown cricket on the bookshelf
he's not saying a word
the horses sleep
there's a barn that needs burning
the creek sleeps
the sky is still as bone in the black dust
the toads sleep
the crows are licking their wings
I have been moving through myself
like a body through a sleeve
a nightgown in a window
and I pray mouthless words of thread
but I swear my heart is fabric
and oh it shakes in its smoothness

the dog sleeps

while the world makes rules for the world to follow
like it was a frying pan under a hill
the sickle makes its own rules
how it glints in the moonlight
how it shines like a one worded whisper

You can buy books here:

OR at Amazon, Powell's, AND Barnes and Noble.

Friday, February 13, 2009


And more of the sights here...(MFA Writer's in action included)...
EagleFest 09