Friday, June 19, 2009

david sedaris at last

Above is the signature and drawing of a well-fed lion that David Sedaris penned prior to the reading. He said, "Can I ask you a personal question...Do you enjoy being a cancer?" I said," No, I'm a leo." Perhaps he thought I was wearing a birthday dress? I wasn't naked. We talked about how I am teaching for the first time this year, art school (we both went), and I was careful not to mention Amy as he told others ahead of me that, "She was dead." She's not, he just likes his own attention and the Amy questions were getting exorbitant after all. Never mind that I totally want to be friends with her and have seen Strangers With Candy over and over. I held my tongue.

Being as he is a good man, Sedaris opted for his paperback release of "When You Are Engulfed In Flames" to do an independent bookseller tour only. I am grateful as he has been sold out at every event that has sprouted up in LA or NY. I had the honor of letting him crack me up so that I ache in the abs today at Collected Works a local bookstore in Santa Fe. Mark and I arrived hours early and had prime seating but by his reading time others were standing outside the door hoping to squeeze in or hear an anecdote or two. He read excerpts from his diary, and a piece he wrote about book tours which was commissioned for The New Yorker.

You may read it here BUT you must log in to read his story otherwise it's their pitch of it:


If you've never read the short stories of Lorrie Moore, I suggest you do with haste. I'm putting together my teaching syllabus and have been re-reading her work for consideration and most definite inclusion.

Her work is full of humor, heartbreak, and quiet brilliance as in this quote:

"When you were six you thought mistress meant to put your shoes on the wrong feet. Now you are older and know it can mean many things, but essentially it means to put your shoes on the wrong feet."

-From the short story "How To Be An Other Woman"

Attn: Readers on the short story chain! You will be getting this story soon!

Monday, June 8, 2009

writing comments

Hey Folks,

For those of you wondering what my writing workshop experience is like, my dear pal Tanya Rey (also in the program) sent some of the funniest comments on her manuscripts to "the list" publication on the Dave Eggars produced McSweeny's.


You can read it here:

No, not all manuscript responses are of the smart variety and gladly. Humor is always appreciated amongst us fiction folk!

Enjoy these and as I revise over the summer I shall report back and share some funnies on my own manuscripts!