Wednesday, August 19, 2009

through the lens

These are assorted photographs from a show at The Palace of The Governor's. I was not supposed to be using my camera and there it is in the second photo.

new mexico history museum

The New Mexico History Museum opened a few months ago and it is enough on its own to draw one to Santa Fe. Of course, there is a timeline of the growth of New Mexico which was triggered by the Gold Rush and Tiffany's using the state as their source of turquoise. There is assorted memorabilia and photographs of local mines. The most memorable thing I learned was that, in a state of war, villagers were given a knotted rope and told to untie a knot every day. When they reached the last knot it was time to revolt. This may seem silly to some as essentially you could just count the knots, but I was fascinated by the care and process of preparation.
New Mexico was the stomping grounds for many an outlaw most notably Billy The Kid and so, there is quite a bit about him though only one photograph which seems appropriate for a good outlaw.
At one point, New Mexico housed an elusive atomic bomb test site and those living near it were forced into secrecy. Some quotes from them are featured in the gallery you may access below.
Some other treasures included D.H. Lawrence' satchel and its contents, antique cameras and typewriters, and lastly Pancho Villa's death mask. it seems absurd, disgusting even, that a villain's face would be cast. It is amazing though to see his expression when he died. They also have some of his weapons and photographs.

These photos are terrible because I was sneaking them. It was so not allowed but worth it.

You can view all of the photos I took including the contents of D.H. Lawrence's satchel here:
nm history museum

santa fe opera