Sunday, September 13, 2009


"Keep looking at the bandaged place. That's where the light enters you."


Sunday, September 6, 2009

a gift

These are images from a southern recipe card pack gifted to me by Miss Sara Kaye Larson who is currently residing in Memphis. The recipes shown are fried green tomatoes, peach cobbler, and sweet potatoes with marshmallows. I relish how they are both beautiful and disgusting in turn which is pretty much the norm for southern cooking.

montgomery gets a compliment

1. Cross Garden - Prattville, Alabama
2. Cross Garden - Prattville, Alabama
3. Martin Luther King, Jr March - Downtown Montgomery
4. MLK, Jr. March - Downtown Montgomery
5. F. Scott Fitzgerald House Memorial
6. F. Scott Fitzgerald House - Front View (there's a side patio and back porch, etc)
7. Dexter Avenue Church
8. Historical Placard

BECAUSE Montgomery, Alabama just doesn't get compliments I have to share one. I gave Jimmy George Francis some tips of things to see in my hometown and this is his day one report:

Jimmy George Francis: Montgomery, Alabama is currently the GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH!!! I either hit the jackpot or everyone here is as friendly/fun/intelligent/hospitable/awesome as you! I hung out at F Scott Fitzgerald's old house last night and drank beer on the back porch! I also went to Tomatinos!...

You can see in the link that follows F.Scott Fitzgerald's house where he married Zelda Sayre. My mom dressed me up for summer tea and biscuit parties until I was ten. It's also a simple but no less lovely museum. There is a great quote by Zelda about the street when they lived there, "Every place has its hours...So in Jeffersonville (Montgomery) there existed then, and I suppose now, a time and quality that appertains to nowhere else. It began about half past six on an early summer night, with the flicker and sputter of the corner street lights going on, and it lasted until the quiet incandescent globes were black inside with moths and beetles and the children were called into bed from the dusty streets."

This is a link to the museum:

Tomatino's has great pizza and sits across from The Capri, the one remaining revival style theater.

Yes, My hometown was the cradle of the civil rights movement and you can't slap its wrist enough. That's more than fair. In relation to the civil right's movement, you can see Dexter Ave and attend the Martin Luther King, Jr. March (a no-music, stomp only procession to the Capitol in honor of MLK). Those are my favorites but of course there are museums and markers for the legendary Rosa Parks as well. Outside of that topic, we have a baseball team whose mascot is a biscuit (for the opening season game they shoot biscuits out of a cannon), insane folk artists who paint old refrigerator's, the Hank Williams Museum, and so many ghost stories you will require a steady influx of whiskey and ginger.