Sunday, January 24, 2010

my favorite painting for january

"Summer Evening" - Edward Hopper

Friday, January 22, 2010

talisi, alabama

These are Holga's shot in the sleepy streets of Talasi (now Tallassee), Alabama. The hotel still operates and serves an amazing lunch of gargantuan southern style favorites. The creepier shots are within an abandoned house on Lake Martin. My mom and I decided to take a peek. She brought a steak knife, just in case. Everything appeared as if they had merely left a few things behind except in the kitchen where a bowl of soup sat half-full by a box of Cheez-Its. My inner Nancy Drew was delighted and yet, after reaching the bedroom we were convinced the place was haunted or someone very bizarre was inhabiting it. The bedroom was as unsettling as the photograph and freezing, odd for a summer afternoon in Alabama. These are the finer photos. I will add some Polaroids that have some interesting ghost-like light effects once I can carve some time to scan them in.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

eric ogden = killer photographer

Calling All Locals!

Eric Ogden has a show opening on Thursday and carrying on through March.

Above the flier is a Cormac McCarthy shot that lives in my studio above the work table. It was taken around the filming of No Country for Old Men. I was gifted the beauty for helping Eric edit an intro for one of his many projects. He's got a way with light and is a very nice guy. Go Thursday or later!

Onward to an unrelated topic, I am slowly and steadily putting together 11-12 blogs about my recent trip down South. Hold your horses!