Friday, July 26, 2013

melanie griffith and her pet lion

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summer song

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"Then, in 1966, Wilkins (Roger Wilkins, an attorney general) went to see Martin Luther King, Jr. in Chicago, where, in the face of neo-Nazi violence, King was trying to get the city to address the problems of inner-city poverty. King had rented a walkup in a slum neighborhood. When Wilkins and another Justice Department lawyer got up the stairs, they found King in a small, airless room in a railroad apartment, talking to forty or fifty gang kids. He was holding a seminar on nonviolence. There were no photographers, no newsmen. There was no glory in it. He also kept two assistant attorney generals of the United States waiting for hours while he did this. It was four o'clock in the morning when King finished. He woke Coretta and she made coffee. "We sat and we talked," Wilkins said. "He was a great man, a great man."

Excerpted From "The Color of Law" - Louis Menand
The New Yorker